Board Members and Committee Chairs

Board of Directors

President – Victor Patel (2\2022)

Vice President – Nick Sanders (2\2022)

Treasurer – Scott Hazdra (2\2022)

Secretary – Tom Jones (2\2022)

Director – Phil Buckles (2\2023)


Standing Committees

Architectural Control Committee – Lance Ellis (Chair), Pete Lyons, and Bill Woodward

CC&Rs and Bylaws Committee – Mary Worthen (Chair), Mary Cutler, Lance Ellis, Peter Lyons, Victor Patel, John Whitson, and Bill Woodward

Finance Committee – Scott Hazdra (Treasurer), Phil Buckles, Sam Ohl, and Dan Savage

Maintenance Committee – Jim Timmons, Bill DeGroot, and Bill Woodward

Meet, Greet, and Inform Committee – Sherry Hodges (Chair), Nancy Jo Archer, and Judith Fifield


Association Management

Sentry Management – Tina Foust – Manager (505) 323-7600