Architectural Control Committee: The main purpose of the committee is to be a resource for homeowners when they are planning additions and/or major changes to their homes or property. The ACC can provide guidance and help with the various Site Development Plans/Architectural Design Guidelines, and the covenants and other rules and regulations that are in place at Bosque del Rio. The ACC will assist in any way possible when someone needs to fill out the necessary Architectural Change Request Form.The Architectural Control Committee is a mandatory committee established in the Covenants (CC&R’s) which are a legal contract included in the deed for each lot/house.


Maintenance Committee: The Maintenance Committee is charged with oversight (and some light maintenance and repair) of the common areas: streets, landscaping, lights, traffic control, drip irrigation system, etc. Repair and improvement suggestions may be submitted to the Board.

Meet, Greet, and Inform Committee: Welcome new owners and provide them information about Bosque del Rio and the Homeowners’ Association, press releases, inform members, distribute materials to homes, coordination of functions (picnics, meetings, etc.)

Traffic & Security Committee: Promote crime prevention and compliance of traffic rules in the neighborhood, Home safety issues, home security suggestions and personal safety, Neighborhood Watch, Newsletter updates (speeding, stop signs and dog issues), Heighten awareness of suspicious persons/cars in BDR, Reporting of violations involving safety or security.

Current Members may be found HERE.